Restored Vintage Vanity {Desk Redo}

And finally, here she is in all her glorious green beauty.

January 11 2013 020b

The final day restoring this gorgeous vanity, {which I’ll be using sans mirror as a desk} involved a few final touch ups. Day 4 ended with paint. Then 2 days for drying, and then I did some light sanding/distressing. I attached the hardware {new pretty knobs} and finally a brush down and vacuum.

Paint Steps

A huge thank you to my super beautiful friend Beth who not only stored this in her garage for 6 months, but who also transported it for me, to its’ new home.

January 11 2013 032

Right in front of my main windows.

Isn’t she a beauty!?

January 11 2013 045

January 11 2013 043

In case you missed any earlier posts, here is how I transformed this diamond in the rough:

Before and After Vintage Vanity

[Day 1 - Desk/Vanity Redo]

[Day 2 - Desk/Vanity Redo]

[Day 3 - Desk/Vanity Redo]

[Day 4 - Desk/Vanity Redo]

January 11 2013 024

I think I just might find something else to paint… perhaps a mustard yellow.

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