PIN-WIN! {cupcakes in a jar}

Oh Pinterest, how I love thee…

pin WIN

The original Pin from {}

With the help of two lovely ladies; Jenna & Sheridan we took this cute idea from Pinterest and put a Christmas spin on it, for a pretty gift to our beautiful Young Women.

December 10 2012 046

First we baked up a yummy batch of Red Velvet cupcakes using the recipe below.

{We chose to bake the cupcakes in cupcake liners in a regular pan and not in the jars.}

Red Velvet Cupcakes

We also whipped up a batch of Cream Cheese Frosting….

Traditional Cream Cheese Frosting

…and we crushed a few candy canes too.

To fill the jars, first unwrap a cupcake and slice in half. Place the bottom half in a jar, and pipe frosting over top. Place the top half of the cupcake over the frosting, press down slightly, and then pipe more frosting on top. Sprinkle with crushed candy canes.

December 10 2012 050

To decorate the jars, we first spray painted the bands white. {We used half-pint sized canning jars}. Then we cut a 2″ circle from some pretty christmas paper and taped it to the top of the lid. The lid was then placed on the jar, and the band screwed on tight.

December 10 2012 039

Sparkly tinsel was tied around a red spoon…

…and a pretty tag to finish it off.

December 10 2012 072

Pretty dang cute right? I call this a Pinterest Win.

December 10 2012 075

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