Bathroom Makeover – Day 2

Day 2

I am sure you have seen this idea floating around Pinterest and the Blogging World.

These simple decorations made out of embroidery hoops and fabric, are popping up in every room of the house from the living room, to the nursery, over the dinner table and even at Weddings! It is no wonder why these fun, inexpensive and super cute decor ideas are so popular. The best part, they really require no sewing/crafting skills at all. If you can pick out fabric, cut and hang a picture you can make these.

I’ve been wanting to try them out, and what better place than the bathroom?
First you’ll need fabric (coordinating fabrics work best) and embroidery hoops. (You can find these at most craft stores.)

Choose your fabric for each hoop, and cut out a square about an inch or two larger than the hoop.

Andrea Says: I played around a little bit until I found the right match of fabrics and sizes.

Then put the fabric in the hoop, by first separating the embroidery hoop into two hoops. Place the hoop without the adjustment screw underneath your fabric (print side up) and place the second hoop with the adjustment screw over top.

Push down until the two hoops come together. Pull the fabric tight around all edges, then tighten the adjustment screw. The fabric should be taunt in the middle.

Repeat with all hoops and fabric.

Trim the extra fabric off with scissors.

They are ready for the wall!

But before mine go on the wall, I want to add a few embellishments first.

Using the same fabric, I cut out flower petals and stems. I coated each with Mod Podge and let dry.

Once dry, my petals stiffen, and slightly curl which is great. They are also protected from fraying. Each petal was then glued directly to the fabric on the hoops, to make flowers.

To keep the edges curly, glue only the center of each petal, one atop the other.

Finish off with a button.

And another hoop…

Once completely dry, they were ready for the bathroom wall.

Andrea Says: I also had to play around with the position until it looked right.


Check back tomorrow for more of my Bathroom Makeover!

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