Chocolate-Covered Valentine’s Day…

Every year when Valentine’s Day approaches, I begin dreaming about chocolate-covered strawberries.

Chocolate over any fruit is delicious, but chocolate covered strawberries are just divine!

Not to mention, they are just plain GORGEOUS!

Now if I’m not lucky enough to be “gifted” some of these… I just make my own!!

Very simple: Rinse your strawberries. Dry completely. Melt your choice of chocolate. (Your chocolate package will give you the best way to melt that particular chocolate). Dip! Decorate if you choose (dip in sprinkles, nuts, coconut or candy pieces). Lay on wax paper or a similar non-stick material. Let cool. EAT …or Wrap and Gift!!

For my strawberries I did:
1/2 batch: First coat called for half dipped in white-chocolate and then dark-chocolate.
1/2 batch: First coat dark-chocolate and then white-chocolate stripes.

No matter what type of chocolate you use, dark, milk, white or a combination they are sure to be fabulous. Eat soon! They don’t keep long…and don’t forget to “gift” some away. You just might get “gifted” a few yourself!

Now go get creating!

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